New Life in Christ
Discovering Joy In Community 
Our Mission:
“Liberty’s Mission is To Lead People to New Life in Jesus Christ & Together Discover the Joy of…COMMUNITY MINISTRY GENEROSITY FAMILY.”
What are Life Groups?
Life Groups are gatherings of small groups of people (10-15) who are looking to grow in their walk with Christ and build relationships with others. Our goal at Liberty is to help you build community with other people who are in similar stages of life and to provide encouragement, relevant answers to life’s questions, and real friendships. This is where you will form relationships and be challenged to grow spiritually. These are the people who hold you up and challenge you in your walk with Christ. 
How do Life Groups work at Liberty?
Life Groups meet primarily in homes at various times and places throughout the week. A few meet on campus. Short-term Life Groups (6-8 weeks) meet on campus and are geared toward marriage, conversations about Christianity, parenting, and finances.  In-home Life Groups meet during the Fall, Winter and Spring with some variations in the Summer. Short-term groups are scheduled primarily in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. 
When can I sign Up?
You can sign up for an in-home Life Group at anytime throughout the semester. For in-home Life Groups, please contact Pastor Bryan Brown: for help in placement. Short-term groups are found under our “Events” tab and “Get Connected/Ministries” tabs on the website and rotate periodically. 
Interested in Leading a Group?
We use the model H.O.S.T. We simply ask that people have a Heart for God, Open home, can Serve a snack, and Thoughtfully guide discussion in a group setting. You don’t have to be a Bible Scholar! You may have some questions about how to lead a group. Everyone who wants to be a group leader will receive training. We look forward to equipping and providing you resources to develop you. Interested in leading a group? Please contact Pastor Bryan: