Part 2

1. Pastor Andrew talked about how serving in the church can become a duty verses a devotion? Have you experienced this? How can or have you guarded your heart from this thought?

2. Consider the three words, represented in Revelations 2:5; repent, remember and return. What comes to mind when you think about your life?

3. Revelation 2-3 illustrates for us that Jesus is active amidst his churches. How should this truth impact how we view church and our role as its members?

4. On the outside it seemed like the church at Ephesus was doing well. How can our methods for measuring success at a church be incomplete and misguided?

5. Have their been times in your Christian life when your love for Christ has grown cold? Are you there now? What has helped (or could help) you recapture the love you used to have for Jesus? How can your Life Group help?