Part 4

  1. What was one thing that stood out to you this week?


  1. What are some ways that you spend time in worship? Are there areas you could improve on in your worship life? Explain.


  1. What were some of your earliest experiences of worship in a church setting? How has your understanding of worship developed as you have grown in your faith?


  1. We were all created with a need to worship. Can you identify examples in your own life of when you became a worshipper of something other than God (e.g. career, pleasure, security, money, hobbies etc.)? How can we learn to enjoy or pursue other things such as career, hobbies, or relationships without allowing them to become objects of worship?


  1. Pastor Andrew said in this week’s message that we know we have worshipped God when a radical reorientations takes place in us and we begin to recognize God’s worth and strive to give him what he’s worth. What are some practical manifestations of this radical reorientation in the life of a true worshipper?